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Is Your Marketing Hyper Local?

Hyper local marketing defined is the practice of targeting highly specific geographic areas ranging from zip codes to carrier routes to streets to households. Not all marketers think wholistically about being more locally relevant in their market messages and media channels.

All the buzz these days is creating and distributing more relevant messaging to the customer that are ripe for what you are selling. But in addition to message relevance, where and how the message appears and to whom is just as important to making the right connections and maximizing your ROI.

Here are some media focused strategies to keep on your radar across multiple channels:

1. Print: targeting capabilities continue to improve in print so you should be utizlizing customer and third party data to focus your advertising down to zip, carrier route and household levels depending upon the campaign strategies. This can be best accomplished through targeted newspaper inserts and direct mail. Newspaper can be cost efficient and can be utilized for retention and acquisition since it is a cheaper alternative to direct mail. Direct mail can be either shared mail to carrier routes or housholed specific but at a higher CPM. A blend of targeted newspaper and mail with focused messaging to unque customer segments will improve ROI.

2. Search: near me searches have gotten to the point where users now expect Google to automatically take their location into account when serving results. When it comes to maximizing visibility in local search results consider the following:

a. Business Listing: ensure you have a comprehensive Google My Business listing

b. Check your setting and utilize radius targetig with Google Adwords

c. Utilize town names in keywords

3. Social Media: Facebook local awareness ads is a great way to set your coverage area and target customer. Accessible from the Page Insights report, the Local Insights report offers advertisers a fascinating glimpse into just how well their local ads are performing.

4. Mobile: more local searches are condicted on mobile devices than desktop computers. Make sure your company website is optimized for mobile devices. In addition to search flash sales, daily deals and mobile coupons are common mobile promotions.

Net, net....follow one key strategy. The right message to the right customer at the right time.

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